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Gig dissapeared from search

Hi! My gig was on the first page. In the second row. After I done some orders it totally dissapeared. It is nowgere. I look through all the pages with my tag (which I previously used to see my gig on the first page). I have 6 orders in queue. Maybe it is a reason? Can someone help me? I have no any limitation regarding orders in queue.


same problem in my case. I don’t know how resque from this problem

Do you have orders in queue? Did you ask Service Center?

Did you change your description or images in your gig?

No. But I pushed Edit button, and then pushed Save without any changes. Is it may cause dissapearing of my Gig? And how long it will last?

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Yes, if you edit your gig then it will take 24-48 hours to come back in search result.


But I did it 2 days ago. And only today it dissapeared. Is it usual thing?

if you edit your gig then it will take 24-48 hours to come back in search result.

Don’t worry, sometimes it takes more than 24-48 hours, you have orders in queue, when you will deliver those with good ratings, your gig will get back.

Do you have any late deliveries and cancellations these days?

No. But I went away from my permanent job to make profit from Fiverr. And now my Gig disappeared!! ) It is not very cool)

Do you know if my Gig will come back on its previous position? I was on the first page, you know)

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Don’t worry, fiverr change the gigs positions to give every seller a chance, your gig will come back.


I hope so. Because a really worries about it. And the Support team keep silence) Thanks.

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Dont ever edit a gig image or descriptions if it is in a good position. Changing Prices is okay.

I didn’t jnow about it:( Do I have a chance to have my position back when the Gig appeared again?