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Gig dissapire what to do

So there is a plenty of story that gig went from 1st page to the last one but is there any solution that the gig just dissapire? its not even on the last page even if u have the word u are looking for in TITLE,TAG,DESCRIPTION,SEO TITLE its so weird thanks fiver!


If you gave a link to the gig or asked the question from the account you are having the issue with (if it’s different to this one) people might be more able to see the problem with the gig.

But it might just be there are too many other gigs for those search terms. If you want to find out more you can contact support at the helpdesk (but if you have more than one account you could get one or more accounts closed). There’s also a helpdesk option to check if your gig is active in the search index.

There is around 720 gigs in search tersm and gig is active