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Gig diversification


Hello, fellow doers! So I have a question, and I’d like some opinions from the great community here. I’ve been thinking lately about splitting my main gig up into more categorized gigs in an attempt to see if it might be easier for folks to hire me for exactly what they’re looking for. Right now I have a general voice over gig. My thought is to perhaps split that into a few different gigs, such as “I will narrate your YouTube video” and “I will read your audio book” or things of that nature. I’m wondering if that would help people find my gigs more easily and get me more business, or if that would just be a waste of time and effort. Thoughts?


If you use the tags wisely is worth doing that. You’ll get more exposure if your Gig splits into other categories where you can offer almost the same service.
On the other hand, I would advise not doing a bunch of Gigs at once, try exploiting the “new arrival” exposure and /or the “recommended” one, to keep your profile visible (after the new one starts sinking, post the next one, until arriving at your maximum, if you want to use them all). Fiverr is all about to be found, so make yourself discoverable :+1: