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Gig do not display on search for it keyword

Hello guys, i’m pretty much happy to be here. fiverr has been a great place to make sustainable income when done right.

As a new seller, it might be quite difficult to attain a level not now that Fiverr has placed limitation on new sellers.

I have been able to make $700 in 2 months, ranking 2 of my gigs and getting direct order from buyers. but unfortunately it seems that my 5 left gig can’t be ranked. I tried all i could, edit, reedit and change tag, it seems not to work for me any more.

the most annoying part is that it doesn’t appear on search for it Keywords.

can some one tell me, is there a limitation place on my account base on Keyword Rank?
Why is my gig not appearing on search for it Keywords?


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Your gig showing on number 1… Position in search

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I faced the same problem I have 6 gig ,didnot rank a single gig , I feel so helpless

@digitalavinash can you check mine ?

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You’re a new seller in this site so you should wait for getting your position.

Yeah, that is the 2 gigs i was able to rank.

others hasn’t been successful

No ranking in search…

But last week 3 of my gig was ranked :frowning:

I feel so sade :frowning: !!!

do you mean i have a better chance of getting ranked when i’m on level badge?
i’m just pretty new

I have the same problem @digitalavinash can u check that?