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Gig do not show

My gig do not show any page.Now what can i do? please see my gig and give me solve.


Check if it is not paused by you on gigs page

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how i check this dear?

From your Profile Click on Gigs and then you will come to know if your gig is paused or not…

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It is not paused. If it was paused it would not show up when I click on the link above!!!
Its rank is low, that’s why you can’t find it on pages.

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Brother if the is active and not showing up on the search page then you need to work a lot . Like changing seo, adding video ect.


here is my gig. now what can i do?

Of how many days are these statistics?

The Fiverr ranking algorithm changes everyday.
If today, your gig is at first page. It might be at last page tomorrow.

You just need to use keywords with low competition in title and description. Use suggested keywords in tags and 1-2 title keywords.

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ok dear. thank you so much for helping me. if i face any problem i knock you please hellp me then.

Yup!!! The whole Forum is here to help you…