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GIG does not appear in search results


I am worried because my GIG does not appear in the search result. What is the issue?


I faced this kind of issue when I changed the gig image. If the gig image is changed, then fiverr immediately removes the gig for checking. I usually contact customer support to accelerate the checking process, they help me out a lot.

You can try contacting them, they are very friendly.


I have faced the same problem before. this ia so pathetic not to see yoir own gig on search result. I know that pain


yes, I have the same problem. Recently I updated all of my gigs, and now 2 of them show up in search, and the other two don’t… keywords seem to have no relevance to the search engine, which appears to only bring up in search gigs of mine with the search terms in the title… it is quite frustrating.


Contact the CS. They fixed the problem pretty fast both times it happened to me. Left me with “it’s back now”, no explanation but still, it took them 15-20 minutes to bring it back.


yeah, I did that, since that was the only advice I could find. They got back to me after a day or two and said “I find all of your gigs in search” I’m not sure if they “fixed” it, or it fixed itself when I wasn’t paying attention.

Oh well. Thanks!


I have a theory the gigs just disappear into some magic limbo if you tweak the keywords or change the cover image. The rest of the edits are fine but as soon as you touch those something happens.


is it just me, or do the keywords have no relation to the search results?


I think they do?

Because I used to have “logo” among the keywords which I put in long ago and then forgot about and buyers kept asking me about logos. And I couldn’t figure out why since my gig has nothing to do with them. Then I found it, removed it and all the inquiries stopped.


Hi, Same issue here. Thank you.


There are a lot of data entry gigs on Fiverr. It could be lost in the crowd.


You are right but now my Gig are back in search result after I raise the issue with Fiverr support.


That was my active which is actually now back in search result but I didn’t get any order on that gig now before this issue that was my best selling Gig or Fiverr.


Yes support fixed my issue Gig is appear in search now. Thank you for your help


hello friend… please contact CS, they’ll be able to restore back!


Well, similar thing happened with me, but this only happens if you have long time of inactivity on your profile. Try changing gig tags and title.