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Gig does not appear in searches...AGAIN!

Well, i was really excited to get my level 1 seller badge 2 days ago. Except: I cannot find my gig! I can see all the usual french speaking ladies as per usual, (there are 20 of them), but mine has disappeared since yesterday. How am I supposed to get work through fiverr like that? ( I am in the English v.o category as well, but the French one is the one I tend to check in the search engine as there are less people to sift through in order to see if I am visible or not.) Wonder if I should contact fiverr about this? It’s been going on since yesterday morning.

Ok nothing to worry about let me tell you, that it is very rare that you see your own gig in your own search & the search result will be different on every profile the gig appears in your search with a key work like “Modern logos” will be different & when i will search it from my profile the gig that fiverr will show me will be different that is how fiverr creates balance b/w all sellers, so don’t worry about that if you do not see your own gig there, just always try different tags & heading also try to use a good GIG images that provides overall view of your service & the best one always delivery quality stuff & get positive rating & you will be amazed with the output :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer, but I still am unsure about what’s happening, given that I was able to see my gig when I looked for it…until now, that is. So, I really do not know what to think!

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just try different Tags & heading that will really help you :slight_smile: