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Gig does not show up in search...Arggggh :(


Has anyone experienced this problem? I set all the specifications of my gig, and when I did, only 2 gigs showed within the selected categories (I got quite specific), but mine did not show up at all. Does Fiverr occasionally just decide to stop showing your gig sometimes? Any info/experience is hugely appreciated!


Give it time.
Usually 1 day.
And no, Fiverr doesn’t decide anything. It is an automated system, based on many factors.
The ones I am sure about are:
Gig’s title, sales count, being continuously active (online) on Fiverr … and probably much more factors affect how the search mechanism works.


Sounds like a plan…I will give it a whirl!


First of all, that’s right, give it some time, sometimes it takes few days for gig to reappear in search.

Also check your impressions if they are at 0 after a few days then you should contact support team, and if they do have some impressions but you still can’t find your gig it just means that fiverr algorythm is still showing it to other people (even if you can’t find it yourself)


Thanks very much! I will keep on eye on the impressions. They have stayed very low, not quite zero, but around 1-5. Even after sharing my gig on social media, adding examples of previous work, using keywords, etc (basically all the regular advice). If it continues to not show, I will contact them like you suggested. Thanks again!


same is happening with my gigs:disappointed:


Sorry to hear that you are having the same issue. After a few weeks of getting 1-2 impressions, I finally contacted Fiverr support. I haven’t heard back yet, but now it is showing me as offline when I use the app on my phone or am logged in and active on the website on my PC. :tired_face:


Just thought I’d let you know that if you contact the support team, they can fix it the issue for you. That is what happened with mine—showing up in results now and impressions are finally going back up. Good luck!


When you do some edits to a gig or you create a new gig, give it at least 4 days to really come into the algorythem and thenn monitor the impressions.


Yea…same here…I contacted the team and my issue is resolved to…happy to hear that yours is resolved also. :slight_smile: