Gig does not show up in search. Yes, I've checked New Arrivals


I have a gig (the beautiful mother of all slideshows!:slight_smile: and fiverr had a problem with its
video as it was too long. So, I’ve shortened it but it still does not show up.
I wanted to make not the usual promotion content but show what you can do with it
and told a bit of a story - using NASA images. Could this be the problem?
Those photographs are Public Domain, however.



Wait for 48 hours, if you still don’t find your gig in new arrivals, contact CS.


I uploaded the revised vid on Saturday so… CS it is.


Happening with me also.One of my gig does not show up.I have reported it to Customer Support.Let’s see what happens…,


I’m not sure if that’ll work for others, but I logged out of my account then I found my gig when I searched.
Try to search using another browser instead of logging out…


waiting few days
and you will see your gigs in search