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********** - Gig does not work - Unable to update review

On Jan 15, I bought “Rank you first in google, 50 pr10 niche backlinks,40 days SEO”. Today on almost 60th Day, I have zero results.

70 Backlinks were posted for me. And while I understand some backlinks may take longer to be crawled by Google than others. What explains that not even a single backlink is visible so far. Nor there is any improvement in ranking of my site.

I had several contacts with the seller and apart from “You need to wait” message I have hardly seen any improvement.

What really annoying is, I rated him based on Links he provided to me as I thought that was all I need. And I don’t seem to have the option to share accurate feedback.

I think the whole point of having a review system is to help customers make an educated choice.

I am hoping Fiverr team will handle this issue better than *********** has done.

Well, you have at least 2 problems here although the situation isn’t entirely against you.

Your first problem is that if the user only promised you 50 backlinks in the gig, the results aren’t actually usually the responsibility of the seller even if they use hype to convince you. If someone offers you 50 backlinks and they give you 50 or more backlinks (even really horrible ones) they’ve actually delivered as advertised. The seller doesn’t have to offer you a refund unless Fiverr forces them to or unless they offered something else that they didn’t deliver. Fiverr will sometimes back a seller in this case due to the gig wording.

In your own case, while you broke the forum rules by posting the username and it was removed, I can also tell you that the user appears to have been banned. That doesn’t excuse posting the username since neither buyers or sellers should be called out on the forums. The good news for you is that if the user was banned, they probably violated the Terms of Service or got a ton of complaints, so your feedback isn’t necessary since they can’t sell anymore. The other good news is that you’ll get your money back as Fiverr credit and you can use it to promote your site in a better way.

There are people who know more about this than I do, but buying general backlinks isn’t usually going to yield good results. What you want is promotion that offers some kind of really legitimate promotion. Someone who can promote your site on keyword specific forums/sites/blogs in one example. Someone who can do backlinks with strong proof of results might be useful. There is a seller in the UK who is a Top Rated Seller, does all kinds of SEO work and has thousands of good reviews.

I had a bad experience buying links here too. I have posted about it elsewhere so I’m not going to go into the full story but this seller was a TRS with over 10,000 positive reviews. He delivered my links and when I checked them, it turns out that all of the domains that the links were posted on have actually been banned by Google. This means that it is actually bad for my site to be linked to them.
I had to use Google’s disavow tool to stop them from affecting my SEO.
I can’t post links here but if you search “is my site banned by google” you will find some ways of checking the links you received. You may find that they are bad links and so you should also disavow them.

That’s too bad. I hope you reported it to CS if it didn’t match what was promised. No level is a guaranteed good service, unfortunately.

Yeah, I reported it.

When will people learn that this is an outdated SEO strategy which is just not as effective as it used to be. Not calling anyone in particular any names but there is an old saying that comes to mind with these types of SEO gigs “a fool and his money are soon separated.”

Google is aware of people doing this. It doesn’t work. I am surprised people are still thinking that this is the way to get a good position in Google. Google changes it’s algorithm constantly to stay ahead of SEO techniques.