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Gig doesn\'t show up


One of my gigs where I say that I will do homework or fix errors in python disappear from it’s category and of course search results.

Everything was fine until my first sale. After that I was informed that my gig is in wrong category. After I change category and it was approved by someone(probably customer service), I got new order from same guy. Letter I notice that I don’t get new impressions. Than I check is my gig in category and it was not. Maybe problem is that I deliver my work very, very fast after about 1-2 min. That is because it was simple decoding of file and it takes less than 1 second. Maybe they ban my gig because of that? I just want to ask does someone else have that problem and what should I do? I try to change title, upload new video, change description, tags and still nothing.

Now everything is fine.