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Gig doesn't come search

My gig showing activate, but my gig doesn’t come in search result which tag I used in gig tag box.
If I search with full title then it comes.
So what can I do now?


I can see your frustration but it’s better rather than me explaining the case behind your issue you can use Fiverr Forum Search and in there type Fiverr Algorithm or Gig ranking and trust me you will gain more knowledge and info from it.


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Thank you so much moditha

If you’re gig is at least showing up in the search results, then it’s perfectly fine!

The reason that you’re not ranked near the top is probably due to gig rotation.

but my gig doesn’t come with any keyword.

I am facing the same issues. How can I improve my gig searching?

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So is your gig completely absent from the search results? Even when you search the exact title of your gig?


Contact fiverr support.

I’m going through this exact same issue at the moment. Here is what I did:

I decided to contact CS. I went into help, made a search, scrolled to the bottom, and clicked on the button “Submit a Request”. On the next page, if you click the options “Gig” and “My gig doesn’t appear in a search” you are given the option to select the gig in question. When you select your gig, you can get more detailed information about your gig’s status. I was able to find out that mine was ‘approved’ but ‘needed extra review’ to make it searchable, and to contact them to get it sorted out. Unfortunately, my gig ended up getting ‘soft denied’ and I’m still working with CS to find a way to resolve the issue.

If you do this, you can get a better idea of why your gig isn’t searchable, and perhaps get in contact with someone who can (maybe) help you fix it.


I believe the OP is saying that their gig is available in the search results, but it’s not showing up with certain keywords.

Hello there i am also confused about this issue how to make in first page please help me anyone

Only Fiverr algorithm controls who appears on first page. No one really knows the exact formula for this. Just do good work, deliver on time, good communication, etc. Even that doesn’t assure you’ll be on the first page, but it will help your gig rank higher.

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it comes when i search with exect title, but doesn’t come with keyword.

Then your gig is perfectly fine! There’s way too many gigs with each keyword for every single one to show up.

For example, if Fiverr has 20 search pages with 5 gigs on each page, that’s a total of 100 results. If there’s 200 gigs with the keyword “good”, then only 100 of those will appear in the search results for that keyword. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I hope this helps!


Thank you so much for help

I think fiverr is making changes in their Algorithm one again and that’s why alot of gigs are reshuffling once again.