Gig doesn't show in search, no views in stats


I’m a new guy here, and I’m wondering why when I or others I’ve asked search for my gig using keywords, or even the entire title of the gig, it doesn’t show in search? If you search for my username you can see it, but not if you search for the gig itself.

It’s not even an issue of wading through the hundreds of voiceover gigs, as I’ve done that and haven’t found mine.

Plus, my stats show 0 views after 2 days. Any thoughts?


It says its live in search, but I’ll eventually do a ticket if it never shows up.

What’s crazy is that you can search “male baritone voiceover” and see dozens of female voiceovers, get all the way to the end, and never see mine.


I’m having exactly the same problem… none of my gigs appear when searching by username and the views count doesn’t update at all. I hope it gets solved soon. Thanks.