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Gig doesn't show when searching


hello friends,
my gig doesn’t show anyway when i am searching even after doing filtering. But my gig impression is increasing. how?
and how can i see my gig by searching. please help me by giving some advice about this because i am new in fiverr
thank you
Md S. Islam


Same of mine…:smiley:


That is common problem So, don’t worry at the newbie, you should focus on Buyer Request at beginner don’t thing that my gig isn’t showing in fiverr search bar it is not hard problem the problem is that make yourself Motivated and product quality. when you get some rated job then you would thing about searching gig Now it would be seem but at New Arrivals option If you checked. If you are even not happy then Go for some change like Title, Description, keyword. For seeking good solution Go for CS in any Issue

Cheer you!


thanks for some advice:heart_eyes: