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Gig doesn't show


When I search my keywords, my gig don’t show in Fiverr search result. Help please.
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


What is gig your gig name. and click on the links to see if you have any issue.
and if you are saying their is no issue, it just does not show up in the search, means fiverr is not putting it on the first page.
The same thing is happening with me and the reason, and the reason is my past activity like which gig i checked which gig i favoured
and one more thing fiverr serve gigs with random, no body knows algorithm.
I am new too so wait for others


The 3 of them are showing in search results now. Search your keywords and filter by Online Status and you will see them :wink:


Hey guys I am having the same issue. I just changed a bit of the text to give my customers more context. and now my gig is no where to be found. I was Ranked no:1 in my keyword search. is there anyway to fix this? so frustrating.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


When you make changes, it usually takes a while for them to show up. If a day goes by and you still don’t see your gig, contact Fiverr Support to find out if there are any issues.


ok thanks, :slight_smile: how do i Contact fiverr support? unable to find it. ad has not shown in over a 2 days since I last made changed.


Through this link:


First, you must make sure that you have set up your gig so that it can be found. These are some strategies that I have found to work for me and I’m a Level 2 seller with almost over 300 orders completed. You can check them out Create Gigs With SEO To Get Buyers To See You

Always try restructuring your gigs if you find that they are not getting any sales. You can back up (copy and paste) your data and delete the gig and then create it again. Only do this with gigs that have no sales or reviews. This will show the gig in the New Arrivals sections for potential clients to see. All the best (✿◠‿◠)!