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Gig down for an hour because of misunderstanding with customer support

So, Someone was using my work as their portfolio on their gig.
I asked fiverr to take it down… And they took my gig down instead within 10 min of asking.
Now: I’ve been asking what’s wrong an hour, But no reply!!
Even created a new ticket to solve the problem… still no reply.

What did i do wrong? I don’t understand!!

What kind of work was it? Where you able to give them proof that it was yours?

Of course. I did… Cause the image has my username as watermark.
And just got reply from customer support… and they are totally ignoring why i initially created the ticket. and they are saying I violated Third party TOS. I don’t understand.
My work was Making Email signature. So, I used fictional name and address on my samples. But they are not exactly pointing out what i did wrong.
I have no idea what to do now.

Maybe because you used the name of a DC Comics character?

Really? It could be a problem? they could’ve warned me at least.

From what i gathered, I think i made a mistake which led to misunderstanding. I inserted my own gig link where i am supposed to insert this guy’s link. But the support group doesn’t seem to listen to me anymore. Any idea what I should do?

If the name is copyrighted and you don’t have the permission to use it, then yes, it could be a problem.

Although, in this case, it looks like they took down your gig because that’s the link you sent them. I’m not sure what to do in this situation. Can you update your current ticket (if it’s still open) and politely explain them what happened?

Or maybe someone has a better idea?

This could be the problem. If the ticket is still open explain your mistake and ask them to clarify why they shut down your gig. Best of luck!!!

Yes, I did. But still no response!

You sent customer support a link to your gig and it showed you are using a DC Comics character in your gig? lol I can’t even imagine this. DC Comics would come get you for sure. You should thank customer support for protecting you this way.

You simply cannot do this. You cannot use a copyrighted character in your gigs in any way. You don’t know what they can do to you.

It’s just a name. I thought it would be funny. Damn! Their names are all over the Internet. And anyway, If that was the case why Fiverr didn’t take down the other guy that is using the same thing? Even after me complaining about it.
Now I’m totally clueless. Is there any chance I will back my gig? or should I move on… I’m losing my clients right now.

I would need to see the actual gig to see what was wrong with it. If you are using the name to make money that is the problem with it.

I don’t think It was helping me making money in any way. I could put any name on it. I just thought it would be funny. I wish i could show you the actual gig. but they haven’t replied me yet.
And I am pretty sure it’s not that what cause the problem. but again they wouldn’t clearly tell me what’s wrong.

I mean if you were TRYING to make money and displaying a copyrighted name or character associated with a gig. It’s not as serious if you use it some way that does not involve trying to make money. Fiverr would not leave that up after they saw it. I know there are others using copyrighted characters but they shouldn’t. People can’t seem to
grasp the seriousness of it. Letters and demands from law firms are no joke. You may be more protected by not being in the USA but fiverr may get letters from law firms about it.

Look at the other thread, and you’ll see the gig (the one that was not taken down) and the copyrighted name (Harley Quinn).

Note- the other gig is no longer up.

Here… I just recreated that gig.

Let me know what you think.

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