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Gig Down Form Search Result!

My some gigs was first page of search result. But now all are down from search result. I don’t know what’s happen. Any one can tell me any reason for this ?


Yes we are experiencing this and apparently it is some kind of test fiverr is doing.


Yes, i think this is the fiverr ranking policy

Yes, i thing you are not always active.

It happened to you too ?!

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Am facing the same problem for almost a 20 days :frowning_face:
but thanks to my old buyers !! They made it for me :slight_smile:

I think there are some reasons for that problem.
1- The overall ratings ( they must be >=90% )
2- The secret review that the buyers made
3- I haven’t took any tests yet, cus am having midterms exams and didn’t find time.

I think this is the reason besides the tests they are making :slight_smile:

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