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Gig down from last 2 months

Hello everyone out there!

I need help about the gig ranking, It’s been 2nd month, my gig jumped from 1st page to 8th page and views and clicks getting lower and lower and i am not receiving new messages from new clients. If someone facing the same problem please let me know how to come out of this situation! And if someone advice me by going thru my gigs that would be super helpful! I hope I will get positive feedback!



you are a new gig than more.

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sorry! i didn’t get your comment!

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but why any more problem.

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Hello Sophia,

Although no one knows the exact algorithm Fiverr uses to rank gigs, it definitely depends (to a great extent) on your performance.

Did you have any order cancellations/late deliveries/non-5-star-rated reviews or experience a drop in your response rate in the last 60 days?

If so, that might possibly be the reason why your gigs have dropped rank.

Try to attain/maintain all the above-mentioned “performance stats” at 100%, and I think your gig’s rank will start to improve.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Yes, It makes sense! there was a huge drop in all the above mentioned stats and now they are all on 100%. I hope i will get my rank back soon! Thank you very much for the information!

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I have the same problem. Thanks for your suggestion.

I don’t mean to discourage you in any way, but I was on the last page for 4 months (with all of the stats at 100%) until I actually got out of it. I only stayed on the first page for 2 months before going right back to the last page (my current situation, with no cancellation or bad reviews). Like said above, the search algorithm is a very odd thing.

It kinda happens with me too. My just be a slow time or the rankings algorithm changed you up. Who knows for real but just keep sharing on social media and getting your stuff out there

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