Gig down in Search Results


Hi guys!

I need some help I have a app icon designing gig some days ago my gig was showing in top 2nd row of search results.

But now my gig is showing down therefore i’m not getting orders. Recently i deliver some orders late it is right that maybe late delivery low my gig in search results or not ?

Also suggest my what i do now to show my gig in top search results…

Thanks a lot…


Osman shahbaz


Your Rating is 4.9 that gig :slight_smile: That’s the Reason.


Reply to @alex_logos: Hahaha 4.9 is bad ? its like 99% because 100% ratings is 5


Osman shahbaz


Every possible mistake can cause your gig ranking to go down, including late delivery.


Reply to @willpower_hk: Thanks for reply please give me suggestion how can i improve my gig raking specially in search results…

Thanks a lot…


Osman shahbaz


having a 4.9 cannot cause your gig to lose ranking, there is something wrong with fiverr this month…even all my gigs have disappeared from search…


Reply to @inspiredtony: Oh its really bad :frowning: and embarrassing…


Anyone elso who getting this problem ?