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Gig dropped in search

Hello Everyone!
I’m having this worst experience in the history of my career in fiverr.
My gig was at the top of fiverr search results from almost last 10 months in never even been even on second page. I have more than 400 positive reviews on that gig and $50+ avg. Selling price. It just happened suddenly that my gig just got dropped to the last page of search results (which is 32nd page) even i didn’t receive any warning or any negative feedback and also my sales were continue with almost 3 orders in queue.
Any suggestions?

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Fiverr never promised to have your gig always advertised on the first page.

This happens on fiverr and our adsamtion that that’s the time when they are giving a boat for the newcomers to give them some chance to be noticed.
But now you know that you shouldn’t completely rely on fiverr income because it’s quite volatile.


That’s completely true. Its not permanent source of incom anything can happen anytime.
Just worried about the gig that just dropped from TOP to END BOTTOM.

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How was your stats? any red marks?

Its getting red since the gig dropped but before that all green.

I have the same experience, and to be true, it’s horrible and I lost my trust to Fiverr’s team, nobody can explain why it happened. No negative reviews, 3 orders in queue. Shit just happens and nobody cares. I had 5-6 5-stars in the row and still no changes. Drastic…

Quite alarming to say the least.