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Gig, Dropped Suddenly from 1st page to Last page

As i Got Many, Similar Topics About New Sellers,

As my account is concern, I’m On Fiverr Since 2016, And now on this 15th i will be eligible for Level 2 Seller, In Past 2 months I spend my maximum time on Fiverr, But Suddenly It happens with my gig, It dropped to last page.

If it would be only one gig? than its Ok, My almost all gigs Dropped to the Last page.

And i don’t know what to do now? My whole income was reliable on this.

Any Answer? or solution

NOTE : No bad rating, Almost 150+ 5star ratings, No recent cancellation.


We already have an active thread about this :

So start reading that.


Same thing happened with me


and the method share is basic seo of gig i used better way to rank my gig but still on last page so this method is nothing fiverr just sucks


Same problem happened to me. My gig has the most ratting in my working category. My gig rank dropped first page to last page. It’s become a regular issue in fiverr. They are experimenting lot’s of things which making the site less user friendly.

My suggestion is don’t edit your gig, Be active and try to response your client very quickly, deliver on time. I think it will be on the first place again. Pray for the best.


I have done everything people are talking about here but still fiverr sucks my gigs are on last page and i providing best and unique service in my niche


same thing happenedto me.
i’m seller 2, i was all time in the page but suddenly i found allmy gigs on the last page. i can’t undertsand the problem


we hope this. thank you :’(


Everything is Solved for me, Just Update the tags, And update your gig weekly basic :slight_smile:


Did you have your gig move up in rank?

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Or the gigs are just rotating and you don’t have to change anything.

My gig was removed from search yesterday, now it’s back almost in the same place and I didn’t change it or anything.


Here we are talking about all gig’s not about particular gig


Yes its again on the same position. :slight_smile:

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lucky guy mine was on last page from last 30 days

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Just Re-update the Tags, And try to deliver asap.


I don’t know if this is the reason but you are using Starbucks and Burger King logos as your main images. This is not a good idea as those are owned by those companys for their use exclusively. Do not use other companys logos in your gigs.

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Dont say like that, i get atleast 30 mesages a day, and i dont know anything about seo or other stuff. Its probably your service what is not atractive to everybody, or your niche is to huge on website.


My account was neglected by fiverr and many of the seller are facing the same issue


Here to do those steps to get back your gig on the first page.

  1. If you have any current order, after delivery your order you gig will ranking again.
  2. Do gig marketing again and again

I’m facing a problem that is few days ago my gig was ranked in four keyword… unfortunately still now my gig is an only one keyword rank… Can you please help me about it, how can I get my gig before position?

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