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Gig Dropped to Last Page After Category Change


So my gig was recently moved to Data Entry Category to Ecommerce Management and it suddently went down from firs page to last page. Its over been a week now but it’s rank never goes up. I know this is because Fiverr’s Algorithm but my performance metrics are close to %100 percent and I have no negative reviews out of 50 reviews. My impressions went down from 500 to 100 daily and I am not getting any new clients. I did not know that category change will going go affect my rank that bad:( Do you have any suggestions?

It could have gone down in rank because of the review about a week ago.
What you could do is have something in the FAQ that addresses what that reviewer asked for (which was out of scope) to say you don’t do that so people will be less likely to ask for that in future.


Gig: I will do shopify product listing shopify product upload and import
In the gig description:
It says “unlimited revisions” but no package has the number of revisions set to unlimited.

In the FAQ section: “do bulk product uplaods” could be “do bulk product uploads”

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Hi @uk1000 thanks for the quick reply. Yeah the negative review could be a possibility but here is another thing. Look at the screenshots I attached. On September 3, Fiverr moved my category to Ecommerce Management and my impressions just went downfall.

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So it could have been because of that or the review or both. If it’s on the last page there’s probably no harm in editing it (except for the short removal from the search index until they’ve approved any changes) to try to improve anything you can in it (so it might go up instead of staying on that page) - . I assume you’ve edited it already to add any metadata they needed because of the category change.

Hi @uk1000, thanks for your answer again. I fixed those things you mentioned but nothing changed. Should I move my category back to my original subcategory? Maybe there were less competition there for my gig. I think I got nothing to lose now since I am on the last page more than a week now.

You could try changing it back if you think the data entry category is A) less competitive and B) if you think it’s a relevant/most relevant category. It’s possible they might move it back at some point though. But if you think it’s worth doing you could try it.

The main part of your gig seems to be most related to the “upload” category though maybe the data scraping part is more related to data entry. I don’t know whether it would be worth splitting the gig into 2 parts so each could be in the most relevant category (the data scraping part and the upload part).