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Gig Drops Big Time in Fiverr Search

Have any of you had this experience? Fro several weeks I was consistently placing around number 12 on Page 2 in generic search. Not where I would like to be but it was OK. Today (5/17/18) I notice I have dropped to almost the bottom of page 4. Nothing changed with my gig. I have the best ratings possible. A long time seller. No negative reviews. Five star rating as well. By the way I had my best month in nearly 2 years. You would think my gig would move up and not down, Especially this drastically. Why? Let me know if you have experienced the same thing.

My sales are very slow all of a sudden :frowning: I juggle this website and my own but the one on Fiverr is very slow, not sure what happened


Sorry to hear you dropped. I think 99% of the sellers who drop in ranking have great numbers (sales, feedback, etc) so you are not alone. Good chance, it those with the same stats as you who post on a regular basis. Why? Just like you they are scratching their heads wondering why. Unfortunately, rarely do you see any unique answers other than the normal replies.

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Same here, sales dropped, ratings dropped, from the beginning of March and even till this day, slow as hell from all pov’s. Cheapers, time wasters and so on, that’s when I get a message, like one or two per week, at least we have ,rising talents" on the site. Hats off #not

Same here. Almost no sales after a few good years on the platform.

Same here. Best selling filter is not the best selling anymore. Have been for over 6 years and worked hard around the clock to maintain perfect stats. My main gig has 13000+ reviews with 5 stars and it moved from first page to 3rd page suddenly and now it’s in 5th page. Some random low star gigs are well above it. Don’t really understand what’s going on.

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Even for my previously my Gig was @ the 4-5th page… But now even I couldn’t find… I’m disappointed… :frowning: