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Gig Duplication Problem


I really think Fiverr needs to do something about gig duplication. It’s okay if you offer the same service, but if you just copy & pastes someone else’s gig, that’s a big no no. If there’s 45 gigs all with the same exact title, and 20 of them with the same exact image, how can a legitimate seller compete?

Here’s what’s so messed up about the gig I saw, all the sellers copied a misspelled gig title. Instead of “rap”, they all say “rape”. WTF?! There needs to be a duplication check when creating gigs. If more than a certain percentage of the gig description matches another gig, it should be automatically declined.


WOW. I mean DANG.

I went to go check it myself, but DANG.

I’ve seen copied/duplicate gigs before ( it happened to me twice) but this is BAD.

I actually clicked on one of them, but bad broken English grammar.

I am curious, what kind of songs are they going to make?

In fact, if some crazy buyer bought the gig, actually really wanting a song about rape,

and the seller makes a rap song about love and courage, delivers it, and the buyer gets

angry saying the song is all wrong…OK, why am I even thinking about this.

So wrong…wow.


I agree 100%. For once. It’s always happened but seems to be getting a lot worse. Nice example BTW. LOL.

It’s not just gig descriptions/titles. It’s videos as well. People are ripping them and using them. I was going to make myself a shiny new video for my gig instead of the slop job I put together almost 2 years ago. Then. I searched videos and found 7 gigs using my video. They’ve since been removed but they’ll show up again. So why bother spending the time to make a new one?

They can put a duplicate filter on but it won’t do all that much. The copy cats will simply alter a word or two.



Reply to @bigbadbilly: WTH?! How the heck they ripped your video from Fiverr’s website?! That’s some bull. Now I’m scared to even go check for duplicates of mines. I guess it’s best to add our fiverr url to the bottom of the entire video from now on. These vultures are getting worst and worst.




Reply to @zeus777: rofl!


This thread made me search “rape songs.” lol.

You’re right! There’s almost a whole page of duplicate gigs. “Give you rape songs” with the exact same description. I bet it’s all the same person with a bunch of Fiverr accounts.


If take report this to CS with the user names and send them the screenshots they will look it them and possible take them down! Be aware they don’t know what we don’t tell them. Good luck! :wink:


Reply to @thepromogirl: Girl, I don’t have that kind of time. LMAO. It’s way too many to report each username. The best I can do is send them the gig title or the url to the search phrase. I hate contacting them, because it seems like too many steps. I like to click, type, and go on my merry way. Not log into a separate website/subdomain and submit a ticket. But I understand what you’re saying.


Hello Everyone! I am wondering, is there any problem if my gig description is almost the same for all of my gigs??? FYI, I am providing almost the same service through my gigs. TIA


copyscape testing :bz

musiclover said: how can a legitimate seller compete?
C'mon now, you've been here long enough to know that's it's about everyone getting orders, not just legitimate sellers. ;)


Reply to @rebesign:

rebesign said: I bet it's all the same person with a bunch of Fiverr accounts.


Reply to @davidwilliamsus: You’re better off to make something unique about each gig title - not the word “unique”. Since you’re in the US and produce your gigs in English, you should make sure your grammar is correct in the titles too. :wink: