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Gig Edit Issue - Error


When i try to edit my gig, i get a message like:

“Unfortunately there was an issue with managing your Gig. Please try again later.”

Can you help me anyone?

Thank you!

I have the same issue.

It’s really sad. I hope the Gig will not disappear or fail. I hope it’s temporary.

Yes, Same here. Also, there is a problem with Favorite count on each gig. It shows 0 as Favorite count for a gig that has 50+ favorites previously.
Moreover, I opened a gig that has 600+ reviews but not even a single review is showing on the gig page. I guess, multiple issues have already been created before Fiverr Scheduled Maintenance is started…

I thought that too. I hope you will improve after maintenance.

Fiverr fixed the problam. Thank you Fiverr!

Same issue was on there