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Gig edit was not saved

Hello, fellow sellers! I posted this yesterday, but I think I used the wrong subcategory, hence I deleted that topic and I’m posting it again, in case it has more visibility within a more appropriate section.

I created a new gig. When I did that, I wrote some random dummy info in each section just so I could create the gig and paused it immediately, as I was planning to come back afterwards and edit it thoroughly before making it public.

This is exactly what I did - changed the title of the gig, and added a well researched and carefully phrased SEO-optimized description, 10 or 11 FAQs, as well as a 5-question requirements questionnaire - all of these in 2 languages, making sure I kept everything within the character limit.

I did save several times during this process, and each time I saw the confirmation that the information had indeed been saved.

I still had some changes to do, so I decided to turn off my computer and get back the next day. I saved once more before turning off the computer and everything seemed alright. But… the next day, my (still paused) gig was back to the initial state - it seems that none of the edits had been saved. I tried refreshing the page, I checked both the desktop version and the app, to no avail.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t saved the content separately (I trusted the Save option on the website). I have contacted CS hoping that maybe there’s a chance they can restore the edits, but they are still to reply (I understand they have a lot of requests, so I’m patiently waiting).

Until they respond, I’m curious: has anyone encountered a similar situation? If so, were you (or CS) able to restore your edits?

P.S.: lesson learned - each time you create or edit a gig, make sure you save your new content separately, as a backup. In case it disappears, you’ll just copy/paste it instead of composing it again from scratch.


I am trying to edit one of my gigs. I’ve typed the corrections in and saved at least 10 times–on Chrome browser and then Safari to see if that would help. I’ve logged out and back in. None of my edits will save. Circle and circles saying it is saving.
Good luck with waiting for them to respond. Fiverr has the WORST customer service in the world. People who aren’t fluent in English trying to answers questions that they don’t understand.
In the meantime I have clients who are waiting to buy until the gig revisions are saved.

First of all, there is nothing the CS can do to restore your lost data. So, sorry about that. I have been there and I know how painful it can be to lose a well researched content.

However, let me share what I do whenever I am editing a gig. As you edit, just keep clicking the save button on all the sections. When you are done with the whole editing, look up to your right hand side just below your profile picture, you will see another button that says, ‘‘save and preview,’’ click on it. It will take you to another page- the preview page - where you can see the progress of what you have done, while keeping your original page open.

scan through the preview page, if everything appears fine, then that’s it! Your gig is set.

If there are errors or omissions, continue editing it from the original page.

Please, don’t wait for Fiverr, there is nothing they can do about it. Just go on and recreate the gig, but :point_down:


I hope this helps?

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Sorry to hear that.

Here’s what CS had answered when I addressed this at the time I created this topic:

Please use your PC/Mac and do the following:

1. Log out of your account

2. Clear your cache/cookies and trying out different browsers (Chrome, Firefox…) to see if that helps. Make sure to check Chrome in Incognito Mode too, and no extensions are running as it may be an extension causing this.

3. Log in and try again.

It didn’t restore my content, but maybe it works in some cases.

Indeed, they eventually said the lost edits could not be retrieved and I was advised to make the gig active and edit it again, if needed (my gig was paused when my edits were not saved).

Bottom line, the best way to make sure your edits will not go down the drain after you thought they were saved is to keep them in a backup document and/or to use the method suggested below by @forcopywriting (haven’t tried it yet, but I will).

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Yes, unfortunately I was informed the content could not be restored.

Thank you for your suggestion! I had clicked the “Save and preview” button on several occasions while editing gigs, but I didn’t know it could be a method to prevent the loss of recent edits. I’ll give it a try, as I’ve just started editing the aforementioned gig again.

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