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GIG edition after ranking

Don’t edit your gig after ranking.
Today few hours ago my gig was first page within 32,660 Services. I edit something of my description and after edition I save and I searched my gig then I can not see the gig in 10 page.
I hope this post is helpful.
Thank you.


As far as I remember (feel free to correct me) when you edit your gig, you might not see your gig in same ranking for upto 24 hours.

Sometimes, you may as well have lost the ranking but majority of the time, your gig will be at same place (more or less) after a few hours of editing. Don’t panic.



I’d say there’s a 80% chance it will be on the same spot as before editing. But sometimes it can take even 2 days before it re-appears. Then if you’re unlucky, it can be on the last page for a very long time, if not permanently, with some minor visibility every few months for some days. So don’t edit your gig if it’s ranked high!


Don’t panic buddy. You will see your gig visible on the first result of the page.


It will reappear after some time. Don’t worry…


Thanks, It’s very helpfull


My gig don’t come same position even today.
I can’t find the gig in 10 page but It was first page.

Sorry for you But I believe in your heart that your gig will rank.
Yes, I was warned. I will never edit the descriptions again.
Thank you so much for warning us all.

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Yes Don’t editing your good ranking Gig. If you try to edit gig, it may be down your impression.

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No problem, if you wait a few days, your gig will rank on the same page again. Thanks!

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