Gig Editng Issues


Not sure if anyone else is having these issues, but the screen shots tell the story.

My Description is all HTML code and the SEO Ttitle also embeds code. (see screen shot below)

I can edit the SEO Title, save it, but when I go back in the edit mode, the Title reverts back to embedding the code.

I have 9 active gigs but this problem only exists in a few gigs – not all 9 (at least for now).

You may want to check out your gigs. Since the SEO Title Issue, my gigs dropped in ranking.

I reported it to CS, but if it is a site wide problem the more people who report it, the faster it will get fixed.



I’m experiencing a similar problem with my gigs, so I think it may be site-wide.


Did you contact CS? The more people who contact them the more they will realize it is site wide and probably fix it quicker.


It may not be a site wide issue, most probably isolated.
When did you try and modify the gig?

After the recent maintenance work, there has been some issues across the board which they have been working on resolving.


May be Its a temporary BUG, so you need to contact customer support with error screenshot so, customer support engineering team will be resolve your issue as soon as possible. Thanks


Hey, be sure to follow up and let us know what it was. This would be grea tto add to the FAQ section.


Hey All

I checked out my gigs and noticed that the SEO Title has been removed. That’s one way to solve a problem. Tech didn’t give me a heads up on this change so I was wondering if anyone else had the SEO Title removed from their gigs or if I was the only lucky one who had their SEO Title removed.



I guess I spoke to soon. The embedded code problem is back but now all my gigs are having this issue. Since the embedded code is in the SEO title, I do wonder if it is effecting my ranking or did my gig drop in ranking naturally.

Ok…this is just an update. No need to tell me to report it to CS, already have.



I’m going to guess it’s a simple caching issue. You might also want to try another browser to test.