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Gig Expression Decreasing

Hello Gyz! :slight_smile:
Hope you are all well and save in this pandemic time. :slight_smile:
I want to know that Why My Gig Expressions Decreasing instead of increasing. Can Anyone tell plz.

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You can promote your gig on social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube and Pinterest. There you should make a post. write a short description of the gig and paste your link. Thus people will visit your gig.

There are many ways of promoting a Fiverr gig.

Let me share some tips regarding this.

  1. Do perfect on-page SEO of your gig
  2. stay active on Fiverr
  3. share gig through buyer request.
  4. Maintain rating and reviews
  5. Start a personal blog
  6. social media sharing
  7. making a youtube channel
  8. using a forum such as a yahoo answer, quora, and Reddit

By acting upon these tips your gig will promote.

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Great. This is really Helpful information .Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

None of that will help you if your target market isn’t at those places.


really Informative.thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for this but I just want to ask what exactly you mean by staying active on fiverr. I use the app most of the time and check in every few hours to see if here are any buyers requests. DOes that count?

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Yes, “be active” is stated by Fiverr. The problem, however, is that ‘active’ is not defined in terms of time. For all we know ‘active’ just means spending an hour a day on Fiverr, and thus those ‘extra’ 23 hours are wasted. ‘Active’ could be 10 minutes. ‘Active’ could be 10 hours. We don’t know, and we do know that there are proven studies that consistent interrupted sleep is detrimental to health. Being ‘on call’ SUCKS.