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Gig Extra Duration


So I made this new gig and I wanted to add 2 gig extras but it keeps telling me " ExtraFast duration should be shorter than the original gig’s duration."

What does that mean? Am I doing something wrong here?
I wanted to add;

  • I will restore 10 damaged photos, deliver in 2 days = $5
  • I will restore 20 damaged photos, deliver 3 days = $15

My basic gig is to restore 5 damaged photos for just $5.

I’ve tried changing the extras to 10 for $5 in 1 day and 20 images for $15 in 3 days, but still encountered the same problem. I also tried clicking the “Extra Fast” delivery to see if it could be that but still the same problem.

Can anyone help?


I had this problem tonight too. It looks like a bug. Fiverr site seems to recognize the top extra and the extra-fast option as identical right now. In my case, after a few tries, I removed both extra fast and my first gig extra so I could save the other changes. I thought I’d try again in a couple of days. I don’t know if that helps, but it isn’t just you! :slight_smile:


Oh, I encountered the same problem, and then applied your suggestion, it worked like a charm. Many thanks!