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Gig Extra Error Glitch | Preventing me from saving changes (solution?)



After lots of back and forth with the support team and still no resolution, I’ve come here to ask for help fixing this error.


I am simply trying to edit my gig extras on my gig. That is all, but there is a bug preventing me from doing this which displays the error message attached and below:

“Gig items Gig Extra: Are we seeing double? One of your titles has been used more than once.
Gig items title Gig Extra: Are we seeing double? One of your titles has been used more than once.
Gig items You must create a title for all of your custom extras in order to save your Gig”

There are no repeat titles. All of them have titles. Therefore all of these errors are incorrect and false, and prevent me from saving my changes and reactivating my gig, therefore resulting in lost revenues for both me and Fiverr.

This is a bug that multiple people in the forums have complained about over many years, but still appears to exist. If anyone at all can help me I’d be hugely grateful, even happy to help you with a design project.

Things I’ve tried with no success:

  • Clearing cache and cookies and retrying the changes
  • Retrying the changes in Firefox
  • Retrying the changes in Chrome
  • Contacting support ):

Things that might (?) be causing the issue:

  • My gig extras are common between my two gigs. They are the same, however they are not repeated in the same gig and so the error is still false. Update: doesn’t affect it
  • I have an outstanding order for this gig that still uses the old extras. Could this be what’s causing it? Update: doesn’t affect it

Thanks for your time and help.

Gig REMOVED due to fatal bug
Gig REMOVED due to fatal bug

Doing those things won’t help, as far as I can tell. (I didn’t try Chrome, but I couldn’t see how that would possibly help, regardless of what CS said when I reported it.)

No, and no, that’s not it either. (It happened to me and I had no orders.) It has something to do with the duplicate checking itself not working right (I think it’s holding over old values or something like that). Let’s see, I’m trying to remember what I did to get past it…

I think this happened to me when I was trying to move an Extra down in the list. I copied and pasted from one field to another and this is what it started doing.

Did you happen to replace on Extra title/description with another, and then add the old Extra further down?

I remember what I did (I think). I changed every Extra description and title. I don’t like doing that because it makes the changes live, but I could not get it to work otherwise. I was trying to move one because (for me) the Extra bug only permits me to have one active Extra (it inactivates the rest of them every time I save). Just deleting the contents of the fields did not work, I had to enter something else. I tried to slightly reword them while still keeping the same meaning.

Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll think harder. :grin:

Thanks for the information about Chrome not working either. :slight_smile: I guessed that.


What do you mean by removing them?

I’m not aware of any ToS violations for offering that, but responders who ask for something might get into trouble for selling on the forum outside of the “My Fiverr Gig” category. :slight_smile:


This issue has still not been resolved.

Any suggestions whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

Matt (xqggqx)


I didn’t know we can do this. Do you get any warning or anything from fiverr support team. I read your post twice and didn’t find this that’s why i am asking.


Here’s how I solved that gig editing problem:

1 Uncheck all the boxes in the "My Gig Extras"
2 IN the “My Gig Extras” look for the boxes with the “TITLE” and “DESCRIPTION” label
3 Put your cursor inside the first “DESCRIPTION” box SELECT everything inside the box and hit the delete button (do this even if you haven’t typed anything in the said box. )
4 Make sure that the only remaining word in the “DESCRIPTION” box is the words “I WILL” followed by the word “DESCRIBE YOUR OFFERING” (those were the default texts inside the “description” box)
5 Do step no.4 on every boxes with the “DESCRIPTION” label
Click “SAVE”
Let me know if it solved your gig editing problem.

This solved my gig problem, i hope it works for you too :slight_smile:


You are my hero of the day. Thanks so much!


You are my hero. You solved this issue for me too. I was starting to think I’d be as screwed as the OP here! This fix ought to be put into some official and easily accessible error/bug fix post or something, so people can easily find it… I hope you got that 50/100$!!


UPDATE: I never fully fixed my problem, despite my best attempts. A seller helped me via the inbox to solve the “are we seeing double?” errors, and was rewarded.

I solved that “are we seeing double?” problem by a combination of these things:

  1. Replacing the words in my gig extra titles and descriptions with synonyms e.g. design > create, design > make. Make sure they’re different from what they were originally.
  2. Removing all the titles and trying to force a save. My gig now has no titles (that’s the only way it’ll save).

Honestly, I can’t even pin it down to one solution as I tried 30+ ways of saving it. Everything you’ve tried – I’ve tried.

I encourage everyone who’s having this problem to SUBMIT A FULL BUG REPORT to support and hope to god they can help you. My gig extras are still broken, but that is another problem besides the ones in this thread (yep… three game-breaking bugs in one gig. lucky me).

I also recommend trying the other suggestions in this thread and searching the forums for answers. Search google with your exact error message in “quote marks” and you’ll get some accurate results. Usually, this is more fruitful than contacting support, especially if you’re a small seller.

Good luck to you all. Please take the time to submit a detailed bug report to support so they are aware of the problem and fix this issue for both you and the rest of the community.