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My client never message me or inform about revisions or any other request do after I sent draft work

Then he make negetive feedback reason "“Requested modifications and never herd back”"

How i takeout the feedback?

Did you carefully check your mail inbox to see if any messages from this buyer accidently got archived or that you somehow missed them? You need to contact the buyer first & try to resolve the issue. Negative feedback won’t be removed just based on your side of the story. From the customer’s point of view, you did not respond to his/her request for modifications & therefore he/she has reason to leave negative feedback. If you can show that the customer really did not try to contact you before leaving a bad review, then contact Customer Support (links on bottom of every page) & submit a ticket explaining. I can almost guarantee that CS will tell you to try to resolve the problem with the customer FIRST, so be sure to do so.

Yeah, you’re welcome.