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Gig extras fast delivery


Dear All ,

i have a question.When i was creating a GIG . There was compulsory option about GIG EXTRAS

in which i have mentioned that , if someone wants fast delivery then he will be charge extra 5$.
Last time , when i get 4 orders 0f 100 each . Client refused to pay me 100 for each task. He said, you already getting 5 for fast delivery .So he pay me 95 each . I was thinking that fiver will pay me 20$ for fast delivery but i didn’t get .I get the deducted amount of 20$ from 4 tasks.

Can any body guide me about this.



Well it depends upon the sellers.
Some sellers asks for $20 and some just take $5.

Same on the gig page… If the order quantity is 4 and then customer selected extra fast, it will cost them $5 for all 4.



but i didn’t get 20$. Means no benefit to seller . Benefit to client am i right ?