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Gig Extras = Ka-Ching!

Just had a $50 order so super excited! - my biggest ever from one person in one go. It sure pays to setup your gig extras.

Have you found gig extras are your gold mine on Fiverr?

Awesome sauce, nice work!

Gig extras are definitely crucial to my gig. No one usually orders the simple $5 gig.

I definitely have. When I first had access to extras I didn’t really think they would make much difference. I didn’t see how I could be making more through extras than I was with regular sales. Now that I’ve gotten some experience under my belt and done the research, I’ve definitely started to see my extras bringing in the big bucks!

I hope that buyer is not one of those, who get their work done worth $50 or $100 then get their money back by disputing via PayPal.

This is Fiverr’s policy, they do cancel such payments so sellers gets nothing. :-/

For your SUPER DUPER BIGIG EXTRA you get this song :slight_smile:

anarchofighter said: For your SUPER DUPER BIGIG EXTRA you get this song :)

Super Duper Party Pony time haha thanks for sharing =)