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Gig Extras not showing up

I have noticed in the last month I have only gotten $5 dollar sales. Two weeks ago I looked up my profile and saw that none of my Gig extras were available. I went ahead and edited all my Gig’s and the Extras. It said it may take 24 hours for the changes to be made. I forgot all about it but now I just realized I still am only getting $5 dollar Gig’s which is completely unusual for me. Again I went and looked at my profile and nothing is showing up except my basic Gig. Does anyone have an idea about what I should do or if there is something I am doing wrong? I have a buyer that wants to place a large order but doesn’t want to buy 20 individual orders.

Any help/ tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It looks like the buyer can still order multiples, so that could help a bit.

Your problem could be a bug, so I suggest contacting Customer Support.

Reply to @catwriter: Thanks. I think I will have to do just that. Hopefully they can resolve the problem quickly. A friend of mine on Fiverr says she is having the same problem too. Kind of strange.