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Gig Extras With "No Change" To Delivery Time Can Mark Your Order As Late

So something new I found out today to cause a little more unnecessary stress selling on Fiverr.

Perhaps you were already aware of this, but I wasn’t - I’ve not seen it happen in thousands of orders, so if my message helps one person out, good.

I finished up a gig last night with a customer, delivered the final files, went to bed.

He decided to add a gig extra as a “tip” (as he was unaware of the tip facility after completing the order).

This extra put the order back into my revision list. I wake up to find it, redeliver the order back to him. He reviews the order and my delivered on time rate drops from 100% (which it always is) to 98%.

Clearly thinking this is yet another Fiverr bug, I contact support. They tell me it’s because he added a gig extra it magically forgets that I already delivered the gig well before the due date, and now it’s late.

Support are telling me that gig extras that are set as “No Change” (in the time field) will reset your gig delivery time and you’ll be stung with a late penalty.

The order in question was delivered 4 days before it was due. There were numerous revisions, as is normal, which obviously put the order beyond the original delivery date a bit (which is irrelevant to the customer as he wanted more changes). But because he added a “No Change” gig extra as a gesture, the wonderful Fiverr system decides you’re late and you get penalised.

Good stuff.

Yup. The 2-3 orders I had late in my entire time on the platform were late because of this. Now I just put 7 days into any extra to be safe because I’m still confused about how it’s even supposed to work.

The issue has been there ever since Resolution Center was introduced, I reported it back then. They told me to send a separate custom offer to the buyer next time. :slight_smile:

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So absurd.

Support said I should assign a time value - But it’s not always reasonable to do that, and just doesn’t make sense for some stuff (I completely understand your logic doing it).

He chose my extra source file gig extra for example - That takes moments to create. If it shows up as an extra that needs “2 days” or “3 days”, it’s going to turn customers off adding it (when they initially create the order and during the order).

Even so, in this case had the customer added an extra which assigns 2 days it wouldn’t have mattered because the order was 2+ days over due.

Honestly never seen this before and it makes zero sense.

I’ll likely disable my extras completely now.

It must mean that using extras is not so popular among sellers maybe? If it’s still an issue years later and the complaints are pretty rare. But yeah, they didn’t think this one through at all.

I send out most of my extras myself but even then, trying to calculate a correct number of days so I’m not late right after the extra is accepted just fries my brain. If it’s any consolation, though, most buyers don’t seem to care about the number of days any given extra has in it. No one has ever questioned why I needed 7 days to attach a source file.


I know the feeling , it happened to me as well a few times , the only solution is to add an additional day for each extra service

I recently put small extras as well without extra time… Guess I gotta add 1 day. Thanks for this, really useful!