Gig Extras


Hey guys.I just hit level 1 and i wonder if you add gig extras and modify a gig does that lowers or resets the search rateing of that certain gig?I mean i had a gig on the first page for a certain keyword and after adding gig extras and hiting modify button i cant find that gig anywhere.Would apreciate if someone could clarify this for me.Thx Alot!



mainly the gig ‘being on first page’ depends on the views your gig is getting, your feedback and cancellation ratio. Modification of gig doesn’t has any impact on your gig.


Forgot to mention that is first page on High Rating for a certain word.


I experienced Keith


Very interesting question…


Nope nothing of the sort happened and I revise my gigs on daily basis two of my best selling gigs are right there on the first page of highly rated and recommended.