Gig failed to review


My gig is failed to pass review again and again,but I do not post any third party’s intellectual property.So why my all gigs have been failed to review? Help me please


Hi, make sure you are not using any copied gig from somewhere else and you are not using invalid characters or repeated words.


It’s impossible to tell without having the slightest idea what you’re trying to sell.

What did you offer in your gigs, exactly?


No I did not copy anything from anywhere


"I will rank your amazon product on first page"I just posted it .Actually I an amazon SEO expert


Oh no - you used the A word - no Amazon reviews allowed, or Amazon SEO, in fact don’t mention Amazon at all! Fiverr and Amazon do not go well together!


But others seller did it? They used Amazon world in there gigs


And their gigs are being removed on a daily basis.

Have a read (hope this external link’s okay BTW)


I don’t see any gigs on your profile, all I see is “aziz88846 doesn’t have any Gigs to display”

@offlinehelpers is right, anything Amazon-related could be a problem.


We are also Amazon SEO Team. You cannot use ‘‘Amazon Reviews’’ word in your title and description.

On Fiverr it is difficult to pass the Amazon gig so make a simple SEO gig and then you can send buyer requests related to Amazon SEO needs


My all gigs have been removed by fiverr. So there is no gigs to show:pensive:


Thanks for your suggestion