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Gig failing again and again to pass review

I have posted a gig 2 times and it failed to review both the times. The gig title was " design attractive signature logo with free source files". I don’t know why it failed and how it violated fiverr TOC. Please it is a request from all to explain it to me and how should I write again?


What message, specifically, was given as the reason? (There are many common TOS violations than happen on a regular basis.)

Are you using images in your portfolio? I had a very similar issue with my first gig (editing landscape photographs). It was automatically denied every time because, for some reason, fiverr’s filter just assumed the images I used as examples were stolen and not mine. I had to message customer service to get it sorted out, but they did sort it and quite quickly as well.

Hope that helps!

You just need to create your own topic.

I guess that this could be classed as incitement which violates TOS because maybe Fiverr thinks it promotes illegal activities.