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Gig FAQs and packages issues


I am needing some help with two things that I didn’t enter into all of my gigs. The reason why I didn’t enter an FAQ is because i don’t know what questions that the buyer is going to ask me and I didn’t include packages is because I don’t have one.

Fiverr isn’t for people starting out, it’s for people who have some sort of Freelance experience. If they want new people to join, at least guide through the Gig creation process which includes adding FAQs and packages. I don’t know what to put for my podcasting, voicing, or copy writing gigs regarding these two issues, I definitely need help with this.


You can ask few question related your service that you missed in your gig description.


Like what type of questions related to my service that wasn’t in my gig description? What type of questions should there be? Maybe you should look at my gigs to help me out there.

Besides, all I am asking is to help people with their copywriting, voicing or podcasting. Those are the gigs that I have. They’re self explanatory, they don’t need FAQs.