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Gig Favorite For Gig Favorite

Moderators take note - I’m new here and not sure if this is allowed or not. Remove this post if it is.

Anybody want to do a Gig Favorite for Gig Favorite?

Go favorite this gig and then drop a link to your gig and I’ll go favorite it.

You do understand that trading gig favorites does not help your standing on Fiverr in any way, right?


What is the purpose to do this?


At the very least, my gig will be gaining more exposure, which increases the likelihood of a sale.

Would you believe me if I say it is allowed? (I am not a moderator though)

Exposure to who? The only person who will see your gig is the person who favorites it. Instead of asking people to favorite your gig, you should have asked people help you in making the necessary changes in order to gain sales.

I also don’t know the legality of exchanging favorites, maybe it fall next to exchanging reviews.


It is one of the preceding steps to getting banned.


User take note - I am pretty sure this is a ridiculous attempt to manipulate eh, something or other…
If this is what you think marketing a gig is then I suggest you give up now. If you think that posting this and getting favourited and thereby noticed by other people who are equally inept at promoting their business means exposure then sorry, this line of work is not for you.

Finally, posting publicly that you are willing to try manipulate the system (even if it is ineffective) is not likely to impress buyers or staff who see this.

In summary, I wish you good luck - that is as effective at getting you sales as swapping faves by the way.