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Gig favorite issue

If fiverr gig favorite improve then is it any helpful for gig rank or gig sell ?

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No! It will not effect to GIG ranking.
But you can get an idea about How many buyers like your GIG. It just like a Watch list / Wish list. That means an amount of buyers collected your GIG and they may order that GIG when they need.


Thank you for your answer

Thanks @bingbanners .It Helpfull

Your answer was helpful for me… by the way can you tell me how to rank gig in top?

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There are few types of GIG ranking in Fiverr. - according to my idea
1 Recommended GIG ranking
2 Avg. Customer Review GIG ranking
3 Search Results GIG ranking

1 Recommended GIG ranking

  • This GIG’s are manually placed by Fiverr editors.
  • This GIG’s are very High Quality and Bit different than other GIG’s in that category.
  • This GIG’s ranking not affected by Reviews
  • Featured GIG’s are placed in this ranking.

so if you can make a very high-quality GIG, Then 100% sure you can have a good ranking here.
You don’t need to have a lot of Reviews to have this ranking. Just make something different GIG in the category. do some experiments :slight_smile:

2 Avg. Customer Review GIG ranking

  • This GIG’s are mainly getting the ranking by amount of Reviews you can get per period of time.
  • As a new seller, it is very hard to get good ranking here.

so if you need good ranking here, then you need more reviews.

3 Search Results GIG ranking

  • This is a simple thing and all can do this.
  • This Gigs rank by Search Results.
  • To have ranking here you need to think that “what buyers Search in the Search tab” and that Searching word must be related to your GIG’s SEARCH TAGS and GIG title.


If the buyer SEARCH the word —> "OMG"
then If your GIG title has the word —> "OMG"
also if your GIG SEARCH TAGS containing the word —> “OMG”

so Fiverr Search results will show your GIG. and there are few sellers who care with this Tags so you can have a good ranking here.


cool!! thanks! :wink:

what do u think @discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: Very doubtful

what? are you crazy? :open_mouth:

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thank you!! by the way i was getting very good orders … but few days i don’t getting new order even no message from new buyer… i checked my gig is showing in search result but position is little down

Thanks :revolving_hearts: