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Gig Favorite logic and impact!

I would like to know that if there is any impact of High Nos of GIG Favorites on Sale or Profile rankings? Professionals are welcome to reply on this post. Thank in advance.

No. There is no impact to my knowledge. Favorites are really for a buyer to mark a gig they might want to buy later. I’ve seen gigs with hundreds of favorites that ranked very low in search. These are probably gigs that were marked as favorites by other sellers as a favor but didn’t have other factors to raise them.

I’ve seen gigs with less favorites rank very high, especially in the recommended column. Some people have suggested favorites as a ranking device, but the evidence isn’t really there.

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I don’t think that the number of favorites have anything to do with the search rankings here on Fiverr, but they can increase your conversion rate for sure, a buyer would definitely like to buy a gig having 200 favorites when compared to a gig having only 2 of them.

Favoriting your own gig may get you in trouble though.

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