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Gig Favorites Bug

My Gig Favorites are messed up/lost.

I just wanted to find back a gig I’d saved some time ago and looking at the “Favorite Collections”/Saved Gigs page, it shows 2x the “Gigs I Love” (which is the default where gigs get saved when you favorite them without choosing a self-named collection), one says it has 3 gigs, one says it has 58 gigs, but both only show the same 1 gig when I click those collections, and it’s a gig I saved quite a while back, I think. In either case, just a single gig, and all I saved lately without sorting them right away into a self-named collection, are lost. :frowning:

My self-named collections seem to be okay, at least there are a couple gigs I saved recently, so I’ll try to remember to always save in one of my self-defined collections but often some time passes between my Fiverr window-shopping and actual shopping tours and I may forget that favorites bug again until the next time and just save to default again.

The bottom row, both collections say 1 gig there, but when clicked, one has 1 gig, the other has 0.

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