Gig Featured- Here is What The Email Looks Like


My Gig Got Featured. I got a random email from the editorial team. Looks like this:

Hi silberma1976,

We have exciting news for you! Your Gig, ‘write a blistering listicle to drive traffic to your blog’, is now being featured on Fiverr by the editorial team (that’s us!).

Featured Gigs that meet certain quality standards are given a “Featured” badge, which brings more exposure, traffic, and credibility to your Gig.

Keep in mind that the “Featured” status is temporary. Gigs are displayed randomly on a rotation and may change or be removed by the Editorial Team.

To help ensure your Gig continues to meet our quality standards, please follow these guidelines:

Provide Great Service: Deliver on time and provide high quality, original work to your buyers.
Use Clear Communication: Respond quickly to your buyers and answer any questions they may have in a polite and respectful manner.
Meet Deadlines: Handle orders you receive in a timely manner and avoid cancelling orders.
Read our Terms of Service: It’s always a good idea to read our Terms of Service to keep up to date with Fiverr.


Same Email Received to me :slight_smile: Yeah ! we did it


Congrats to both of you :tada::tada::tada: