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Over the last few weeks, there have been many threads about feedback and user reviews. As mentioned earlier, the team has been working to roll out some updates to make sure the review system is something that works for everyone.

I’d like to announce we’re beginning the second phase of double-blind reviews:

  • We will start presenting reviews on buyers in the buyer’s profile (and only there, not in the gig page anymore) to give seller better visibly to whom they are working with.
  • We will add the option to respond to a buyer’s review after the review was published. the response will appear under the buyer’s review in the gig page.

As always, the best way to address and understand the buyer’s needs and to guarantee their satisfaction is through communication before and during the order. The buyer’s review process is done on a completed order - and it isn’t the place to start addressing buyer’s issues and inquiries on the order.

These evolutions will be rolled out in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for them. As always, comment with ideas, suggestions, and feedback here in the forum.

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Wohoo! :partying_face: :confetti_ball::tada: Soon, we will not only be able to respond to buyers’ reviews after they have been posted (back to how it was before the blind review thing came along) but also check out the reviews that other sellers leave for buyers?

This is wonderful news! The Fiverr Gods have listened! Kudos!


This was the main purpose and now blind feedback system will surely at least make sense as reviews will also show on buyers profile. So, it will ease wheter to work with a specific buyer or not.


Wowzers, :astonished: I had to read this a second time to confirm if what I read was correct.

The awesomesauce awards go to you, Matt! :trophy:

Well, technically, you gotta share the spotlight with the team. :grin:

Perf! :ok_hand:t4:

I love the idea of not having (my gig pages) cluttered with reviews. It’s sweet sauce! :tada:

Sometimes, there are always :two: or :three: sides to story. So, having the ability to respond to a review is butter sauce. :smile:


Thank you so much for your important information


I’m not sure putting reviews of the buyer and the things they bought on their profile is a good idea privacy-wise, especially if they didn’t agree to this and if they have no way to turn this feature off. Does this fully agree with data protection legislation and will it also apply to past orders? Also do the buyers only get reviews on their profile if they also review the seller’s gig?


Thank you! I predicted fiverr would make this change so we can respond to reviews. Kudos for a responsive site! You made my day!


Morale is a bit low. I think giving everyone free money could really help.

I really like this. However, it could have saved a lot of stress if this could have been clarified early on.


OK, Let see how it turned out first, I won’t be so happy too early just yet.

I don’t understand why fiverr not asking us feedback first before they launching any new features. Hey, we’re doing BUSINESS here, a lot of seller work fiverr FULL TIME. It’s their career, money stuff. Not FB, Twitter, IG, or even Youtube, just a social network show off your daily life and ask for likes.

I suggest fiverr at least do a small video/graphics demo on what the new features will be launching, and ask our opinion before launching them. Not forcing us to accept it and become their BETA tester over and over again. This is unProfessional.


I had the impression that they changed how they were going to do it by adding our ability to respond to reviews. I knew they would. It is too unworkable without that.

I’m also hoping we get to see our reviews as soon as they are left? And the little pop up that notifies us when we get a 5 star review comes back. For motivation purposes.


An another great movement by the Fiverr!


i think the best part of this news is that nothing else…


This is much better! Thank you. Will we be able to see our reviews right away if we choose not to rate the buyer?


And now we don’t have to post endless threads about this any more.


Thank you so much for listening to your sellers, Fiverr. This is great to hear!


That work well thank you FIVERR


Are you sure? :rofl:


I unliked the OP so I could like it again.


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