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Gig feedback and reviews


Fiverr is listening! For me, it matters. Our voice matters. Some people will forever complain regardless of this platform’s progress.

But for me, Fiverr for the win! :+1::grinning:

This right here, it’s pretty amazing. I mean, no more getting away with terrorizing sellers or trying to take advantage of the platform.


This is Good to Hear, Great :+1:


Better late than never, right?


Thanks, waiting for update


thanks… ,.,.,.,.,…,…


Thank you! That’s awesome…:fireworks:

Forgive me, but I am having an ULTRA blonde :blonde_woman: moment… trying to understand this part - "presenting reviews on the buyer’s profile, only "and then us having the ability to respond and the review ALSO appearing on our gig page… Doesn’t that mean the feedback will also be on our page?:thinking:


Thank you for the update.


It sounds like we will have a chance to both review the buyer on his profile page, and also leave a response to their review on our page.


Yes, that is exactly what it means!


Oooooo nice!! Some accountability that goes both ways! I like it!! :sunglasses:


From what I understand, reviews will appear on both profiles:

  • Buyer’s review on seller’s profiles
  • Seller’s review on buyer’s profiles
  • If seller wants to answer directly to an specific buyer’s review, then both reviews will appear on the seller’s profile


It’s going to be amazing to be able to give nice compliments to the great buyers right on their profiles.

I do not plan to actually use that to do any harm to anyone even if they are horrible buyers.

What this might do is keep the scammer buyers on alert. I think this might cut down on buyer scams. It’s going to help keep them honest.


Yes! That’s awesome! I love my regular buyers! And always welcome new nice ones too :heart_eyes:
I like that fact that - if someone was thinking about being foul, and shady, they may rethink it - because it will be visible on their profile as well!


I agree, this is generally my style… This is old, but it’s an example of why being able to explain your side, is super important. This buyer totally misunderstood my gig description- and thought I would post his ad repeatedly on social media for 1 day (all day) - and that he would get 120 k followers out of the deal as well (I don’t sell followers OR promise guarantee anything)… When in fact my gig clearly says I will post post TO an audience of approx 120 k, 1 time over a 24 hour period.

So glad we once again will have the opportunity to explain - because even though the buyer said he misunderstood, and I explained that to CS, they wouldn’t remove the review.



This also might cut way down on dishonest reviews of sellers left simply to hurt them. Hopefully we can see their reviews BEFORE we leave the review on their profile.


My one concern with this though: If an article buyer is looking at my main profile and they see reviews that say “fantastic cat short story”, or “VO promo video” then they aren’t going to go to my articles gig to order it.

Beyond that, I’m happy with the changes.


They already can see all the reviews as a seller you have gotten on your profile page.


Oh, you’re right! I don’t even know why I’m concerned about that. I’m working on books for clients at the moment and not accepting article orders. Ha ha!


Nice system, this time the sellers will know how the buyer acted in the previous orders. Like it


Thank you very much . :wink: