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@ chrisdata

I don’t understand why fiverr not asking us feedback first before they launching any new features. Hey, we’re doing BUSINESS here, a lot of seller work fiverr FULL TIME. It’s their career, money stuff. Not FB, Twitter, IG, or even Youtube, just a social network show off your daily life and ask for likes.

I suggest fiverr at least do a small video/graphics demo on what the new features will be launching, and ask our opinion before launching them. Not forcing us to accept it and become their BETA tester over and over again. This is unProfessional.

Thanks for your valuable advise. I think if fiverr apply this advise we should avoid a lot of problem.



Well, they took out something which used to be there for several years, now add it back IN FEW WEEKS of time and you guys already shouting: " Thanks!" " Nice FEATURES!" . “Finally they listen”, etc, etc.

I see why they like us to be a BETA tester. LOL.:smirk:

A bit sound like iPhone user back in the old days, when Apple adds the “copy & paste” feature fanboy already celebrating.


Well, it’s a little bit better but for it to work the seller review should be invisible to the buyer otherwise no seller will rate a customer badly of fear of not getting him back.

I mean if a buyer left you a 5 star review saying I love your work will be back soon and you left him a 3 star rating because he was unresponsive he probably won’t buy anything from you anymore.

and losing the ability to reply to a buyer review is still a big loss. it was a good way for potential buyer to see how a seller react to his reviews.


I absolutely agree.

They are bringing this back, plus adding a way to put a separate review on the buyer’s profile.


But this will only help when buyer (with low ratings) come inbox first. Because you guys made your algorithm that even a cancellation of an order will de-rank our gig so I seller will have to complete the order and pray for a good review. And whenever I contact customer support regarding this particular thing, they respond "This is how life works, same in fiverr. " wow replies. I nearly stopped contacting fiverr support for any order issues cause whole world know that it is the seller who always suffers at the end.


thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: I’m glad to see that we will have the possibility to reply to the review.


You know, @mjensen415, you could have said what phase 2 would be earlier and saved us all a great deal of writing time and bad feels. Great to hear, anyhow!

Like this, it finally makes sense to review buyers, though I guess we’ll have to learn to read between the lines, like with employers’ references.

It’s still called “double-blind review system”, so probably no, unless you leave your review as soon as the other person leaves theirs.
The way this now seems to be going, I’m assuming eventually both sides will be able to leave the first review, and the reviews will either become visible when the other side left theirs, or after (10) days anyway.


I’m not reviewing anything anymore. I’m done with that.


A good idea to put it on user’s profile rather than with the Gig order completed but it helps sellers in bidding as it shows seller’s reviews and rating and makes it easy to convince the buyer to contact the one who has hight rating and review score, or atleast let it show the number of ratings and reviews so that the buyer develops interest and visits the seller’s profile and see this score, otherwise buyer will have to do a lot of effort to find the right seller.
The review and rating has already been made effective, now seller can only view buyer’s review and rating after publishing his first.


I’m hoping I’ve got this right - please correct me if 'm wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Buyer leaves blind feedback for seller
  2. Seller then leaves blind feedback for buyer, which goes on buyer’s profile.
  3. Seller can then see the feedback left by the buyer and can reply if they want to.

The buyer doesn’t have a right of reply to their feedback?

There have already been occasions where sellers have regretted leaving poor feedback for buyers as they then felt they’d got it wrong - those buyers, who can’t leave a reply to their feedack, could be lost not only to that one seller, but to Fiverr in general - who wants to be branded as a bad buyer on their profile? Do buyers want a record of their purchases on their profile? Even ebay stopped this years ago by making usernames for individual purchases unidentifiable.

A scorned buyer will not be a returning buyer, will cause all sorts of problems for the seller ‘why did you leave me negative feedback when I left you 5 stars?’, and will be a CS and PR nightmare.

Don’t blame you!

If I’m a paying customer, I don’t expect to be rated negatively by somebody who’s not had any training in customer services etc. - sellers may be very good at what their gigs offer, but they’re not CS (said with all due respect to sellers BTW). :slightly_smiling_face:

Why not do like ebay where buyers can only be left positive reviews - any other issues are handled by CS, not the seller.


Why change what wasn’t broken in the first place, unless ya’ll are going to be taken over and we’re going to a bidding-type of website?

Here’s the issue Fiverr has from my POV - This website is not a bidding site - it’s a place where someone buys a service and they rate based on that service. There is hardly any interaction between buyer and seller BEFORE a transaction takes place (if any at all). So unless Fiverr is going to a bidding system such as other sites then there’s little point in changing a feedback system that has worked for years.

Again, this is my own POV. I’m glad to see that Fiverr is allowing us the rebuttal to the feedback, but I still find the blind review system stupid on a selling service site.


The main question is: why/when a buyer deserves a bad review?

If a buyer breaks TOS he deserves a bad review and he will understand why he is given a bad review even if he gave you 5 stars! I wouldn’t like this buyer to place another order therefore I don’t mind if he is not happy.

I don’t see any orher reasons for a bad review. I have just read on the forum that a seller left 3 stars to a buyer who was not responsive. I wouldn’t do that. I personaly consider that this situation is completely normal. Our buyers are not available 24h/24 and may be on holidays or working on more important things… We have to deal with that risk and configure our gigs accordingly (delivery time, mandatory requirements…)


If anyone breaks the ToS it should be up to CS to deal with them, not sellers. Are you really paying 20% of your earnings to do CS’s job for them?


I totaly agree with you!
I ALWAYS report them to CS + leave a review with a clear explanation of what happened.


I still don’t understand…


Wow, people expecting to get 120k followers for 5$. LOL :rofl:
Definitively great we can explain ourselves in these sort of situations.


Every buyer ticks a box to confirm that they have read a gig description and supplied all the necessary information a seller needs to get started.

I am sick and tired of orders coming in EVERY week without fail which are beyond preposterous.

This week alone:

  • A buyer orders a 350-word blog article. Says in their requirements: “I know this will be a little different to what you usually do.” Then asks for a 1,000-word response to an email they have received from a major IT company regarding their GDPR policy
  • A fellow seller selling a service worded pretty much exactly like mine outsources a huge video to me, regardless of the fact that I explicitly state that I do not offer what they have ordered in my gig.
  • A buyer orders an article on cryptography. Then turns around and says they wanted a Bitcoin price analysis article

Sellers have absolutely no recourse to situations like this. Practical help from CS when dealing with such matters is rarer than a Unicorn egg.

Buyers like this waste massive amounts of time, cause significant stress and impact Fiverr’s bottom line. Why? Because they make sellers like me reluctant to work with any new buyer. Not to mention the fact that these same buyers often leave scathing reviews, even if sellers do deliver but dare ask for extra payment and deadline extensions etc.

So far, it is not reasonable for any seller to call out a buyer like this in a blind review when they can not see or respond to reviews left by such buyers. However, if it transpires that reviews do start appearing on buyer pages, I will be more than willing to go all out pointing out with every single such person, how stressful and exploitative it feels working with them.

At the same time, I will make sure to leave glowing reviews for every single buyer who orders responsibly, communicates pleasantly, and seems to know what they are doing. - Even if I can not see that such a buyer has actually left me a horrid 1-star review.

In doing this. Sellers like myself can potentially start helping other sellers feel safer and less exploited, while also making it painfully clear to some buyers that Fiverr is not some kind of deranged “I can pay for whatever I want and do what the hell I like” pit stop for whatever appalling personality traits they want to project onto the world.


All of what you’ve said, with the removal of the very obvious link to CS at the bottom of Fiverr’s pages, plus the ‘new, new’ review method point to a company who want to do away with CS as much as possible and leave it to buyers and sellers to self-regulate using some sort of weird, blind review system.

Without the ability to argue PayPal chargebacks etc. this is not going to work out well for buyers, sellers or for Fiverr.


Fiverr is not working properly on my side, may be they are updating the system.


I think that it is exactly what Fiverr is expecting from us!