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Gig feedback and reviews


It looks like fiverr realized that encouraging sellers to publicly bash buyers in reviews might not be a good idea, at least to have those right on your gig pages.


Right! It’s ridiculous sometimes - what is expected in advertising.:thinking::joy:


If a buyer flat out lies about me, our communications, and if my gig was completed as outlined in my gig description - they’re getting a bad review.

Misunderstandings - are a different thing. I don’t hold people accountable who truly don’t understand. But buyers need to communicate PRIOR to delivery if they have issues or concerns… I communicate throughout all my transactions to avoid misunderstandings. If they don’t communicate back THEN gives me a bad review, I’ll be ticked. I feel like that person’s intent was to be – well… unreasonable and rude.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thank you so much for sharing this important issue


that is much better must be like it


Does anyone know if they’ve announced anything regarding bringing back feedback modification?
I would really like to have that option back as well. I’m not particularly fond of incurring Tos violations for merely wanting my buyer to change his review because of his own asshattedness.

I kid you not. One buyer closed an order and gave me 2 stars because I took literally 15 minutes to reply back to him. Not an hour, not a day. And he didn’t even utilise the revision provision I had provided him with, despite me speaking/writing to him about it multiple times across my initial delivery message.

And then, after I inboxed him and asked him why he’d given me that abysmal rating despite me delivering exactly what he had wanted, he had the audacity to tell me that he did that because “he was in a wrong mood”. A wrong mood, ffs. I took it to CS, they took it as me “manipulating my buyer” (since I’d expressed my sincere distaste for his mood swings in the inbox conversation to him and had asked that he change the review, obviously) and sent me this, in response to my elaborate ticket:

“If there is a difference of opinion regarding a feedback left by a buyer, then we suggest contacting the buyer to understand how they rated your services.”

I mean…there’s nothing to understand from this. He had a “mood swing” because I kept him waiting for 15 minutes, didn’t utilise the revision provision that was spoken/written about and left me with an unwarranted 2 stars, that could very well demote me in the next evaluation.
And I gave him a 5-star review because of the miracle that is now, the (hopefully ex) blind system.

The worst bit is, I finally got through to him as well.
He finally understood that he’d made a mistake that could hurt my position as a seller on the site and was even willing to change his review.
Too bad that all I ended up getting was an almost-violation.

Ah well. Au revoir, Level 2.


This is great news! Thank you Fiverr!


I don’t understand this at all, i am lost people are happy so i am assuming it is good?
But i am lost i understand none of it


Wow, Finally. It a Wonderful News!
I’m already familiar with PPH blind review system. so i wasn’t surprised when i got my first review some days back.

it’s great to see many updates in fiverr in such a short time.


WOOOOW. That’s… really really amazing!
So nice that someone is listening to us.
Thank you! Love


Finally the mystery box :gift: has opened.


Thank you fiverr for your valuable advise.


I have been a seller on Fiverr since 2012. Over 4000 positive reviews.

I just got an unexpected bad review from a buyer. What he wrote was unjustified because the issue was it his end (his website is not well optimized for mobile devices). I could not see what his review was because of the updates you made. Of course, I was expecting everything to be OK, so I gave him 5 stars saying “Thank you”

And then - surprise! “The buyer left you a 2.7 start rating” A thunder from the bright sky!

I did everything right, he is the only person to blame for his dissatisfaction.

So now everybody will think that I did a poor job while in fact I went over and above to make him the app and I did a really great job. How will you protect us, sellers from reviews like these? I wrote to the buyer but in the resolution center I don’t see an option to modify the feedback anymore???

Not fair, @mjensen415 . Not fair at all. Innocent people like me suffer because of this.


I can see heated conversations happening pre review. Both party’s agreeing on 5 stars before reviews. Which not only puts the seller in a vulnerable position having to bend to the buyers every whim but also screws with the accuracy.
Woe betide the one that doesn’t stick to the pre-agreement.

That being said. there’s no perfect solution. No reviews at all might weirdly be better lol


This is why blind man’s buff and pin the tale on the donkey has been banned in UK schools since 1992. Going into things blind just ends up with everyone getting a black eye at some point.

If the news from Fiverr staff is correct, you will be able to defend yourself against reviews like this, by explaining your side of the story in future. Now, though, you might just have to swallow your bad review and keep your fingers crossed that you don’t get another one.


There was nothing wrong with the previous system. It was working OK, and Fiverr needs to allow sellers like me to work things out with a buyer who has no idea why he is giving me a poor rating.

Maybe he just had a bad day at home, and now I get to suffer for something I did not do?

And I can’t even defend myself ???

Responding to reviews blindfolded???

Seriously Fiverr?


Nice! Buyer having their own reviews and sellers being able to respond to a review seems like solid improvements.

But what about buyers that lie or are ignorant? They are silent usually, and only tell a lie in their review after a smooth transaction. It would be very important to let the seller warn other sellers that they are lying. They slip right through the web.

That seller response should also show up in the buyer’s profile, and not only on the gig’s page.

Every buyer ticks a box to confirm that they have read a gig description and supplied all the necessary information a seller needs to get started.

That as well. Why is that even a thing? Customer support said a buyer is allowed to lie/tell about how they didn’t receive something the gig description says is not provided by the gig, or doesn’t provide all the information asked.


That the same thing i said in my thread, nice to know that i am not alone


It seems to me that this update would allow you to do that:


Perhaps. To me it seems it would be only on the gig’s page, which would not help other sellers. But time will tell!