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Gig feedback and reviews

I guess i don’t understand what you mean. The OP specifically says " presenting reviews on buyers in the buyer’s profile (and only there, not in the gig page anymore" so I can’t see any room for that to mean the opposite. Maybe I am misunderstanding you.

@fonthaunt I think what @adsensewizard is trying to say, is that the seller’s reply to the buyer’s review should also show up on the buyer’s profile.

@adsensewizard that would make no sense to anyone as as reply should match what someone said before you. That’s why your reply only will show up on the gig where the buyer left the review.

What will be shown on the buyer’s profile, will be YOUR blind review on the buyer so, if you consider sellers must know something about him/her, you should say it in that blind review you will be giving the buyer.

I hope I did understand what you were trying to say and also hope I was able to explain.

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Aha! I think you might be right.

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And after a buyer gets such a review from a seller, the buyer should reconsider their actions in the future.
Hopefully what you have said is what Fiverr are planning for because that sounds great. I too will start leaving reviews when they show up on Buyer’s profiles and not on mine.


Hopefully they won’t launch into a counter attack.


If you have to give such a negative review that an unstable persons would retaliate to, it’s probably worth blocking them too.


It’s only the unstable type that would force me to do that.


This is going to be helpful for future, the success of other platforms lies in transparency while Fiverr sometimes take one step ahead and two step back, Worthwhile, I am interested to get into the new system and enjoy with a heart of full of relaxation.

For this to really work in all cases, sellers need to be able to leave the first review too, though; if we take the average reviewing rate, it’s clear there are plenty of people not reviewing. And not just those who want to be gentle to not so good sellers but also many “better leave no trace” resellers and “bully them into doing more work for me by holding back with the review” people, also especially the really bad apples would quickly learn they just don’t have to leave a review to be safe.

Hence, I’m expecting sellers to be able to leave reviews first as phase 3 or 5 or something.

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this is wonderful for us

Yeah I stopped too :confused: I’m really not fond of this blind review system.


I knew it!!! :grinning:

Great move Fiverr!

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Wohoo, this is great news! :smiley: I’m still upset that it wasn’t properly defined from the start or rolled our all at once, but thank you for listning to the community :smiley:

Side note: Of course responding to reviews is not a way to deal with issues that should have been dealt with before or during the order, I don’t know why you felt the need to include that in your post. I don’t think anyone ever implied that it was. Responding to a review is for the benefit of showing professionalism and how you personally interact with buyers - to the affected buyer but perhaps more so to other potential future buyers who read reviews and your responses to them :slight_smile:

So thank you, I think we can safely say that we are collectively very happy! :smiley:


A few people did write that it was how they found out there was a problem but of course by the time a review is left that’s too late.

I think they might have meant that most buyers never mention it if they aren’t happy with something and you only find out when they leave a bad review.

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Really? :open_mouth: I’m surprised that’s how some people would run a business :stuck_out_tongue:

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Buyers who leave a bad review, the few I’ve gotten, never said one word about being unhappy with anything. In fact on the contrary they said they were happy.

Among the rare few who have deep psychological problems, they are not actually unhappy with the service, but have other issues such as intense envy or other reasons to want to slam a seller who provided them with excellent service. They are passive-aggressive and covert. It can be the only way to gain a superior feeling they crave. They also relish displaying victimhood.

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Or they could just have pressed the wrong number of stars on the mobile app by mistake without realising? :wink:

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